Advice: Taking Back Control within Your Business

Happy Monday! We hope you’ve got a nice, hot brew to sit down with and read today’s little pep talk about taking back control within your Business.

As we start a brand new week we are reflecting fondly on last weeks Enterprise Collective festivities (a word that you don’t think could enter our vocab at them moment!)

We ran our first ever Community Cuppa Club on Zoom. It was a chance for small, creative businesses to get together virtually over a brew and chat about the things we are finding that are helping us with our Businesses at the moment, especially in amongst this rather chaotic world at the moment.

We can’t lie, after seeing nearly 30 of your faces, it was a welcome relief to finally interact on a more informal basis again!

As there was quite a few of us we split off in to different break-out rooms; tasked with 3 different questions as topic starters, we got to move around virtually and connect with different people every 15 minutes. In a similar way that we would network at our face to face events (oh how we miss you – sob!)

There was a common theme running throughout that there feels like there is is no end in sight from this pandemic and it’s really hard to keep motivated when there’s no goal posts to aim for at the moment. Especially when said goal posts continuously keep changing!

It gave us some food for thought for this weeks blog topic, and it’s something we have to constantly keep reminding ourselves here within the The Enterprise Collective team. That, whilst we can’t control the worlds pandemic that is currently going on around us, we can take charge of certain things in our life to gain back that control somehow.

As we dipped in and out of each room, Bee caught on to a lovely conversation with Hannah of Hannah Rachael Weddings – she said something that sparked a lot of optimism and it really stuck with us. Hannah is in an industry that has probably been one of the worst effected industries this last year, yet she has found the resilience to not see this past year so much as a challenge but to rise to the beating drum of covid-19 and all of it’s horrors.

She has proudly used this time to reach out to fellow businesses in the industry to create lasting relationships for future events, taken time to re-evaluate certain parts of her business and embraced the slower pace of life to take back some control over what she is going to do to take her business forward in 2021 and beyond. It was a refreshing outlook!

You see, whilst this dreaded virus has certainly stripped us of a lot of decisions we may have wanted to make, there are still glimmers of being able to reclaim authority on the things that matter to us and our growing businesses. 

That is why we set up the Academy Membership & the Community Cuppa Club event, that although there is absolutely no way we can run our IRL events at the moment, there is nothing stopping us meeting up online and doing the same kind of things we would have done had we gotten the opportunity.

It really might not feel like you can do this right now, but we promise when you feel the time is right, there will be something you can do to reclaim that feeling of control; it could be reaching out to another business you’d like to collaborate with, sending out your wholesale and media kits to prospective buyers, creating Pinterest graphics for your websites blog. scheduling a months worth of content. There will be something that you never normally have time to do that you can start chipping away at.

But please remember, that you don’t need to beat yourself up if it takes baby steps to get there, that is okay, because we can’t all navigate this all with the utmost positivity all the time – it just wouldn’t be natural (heck you wouldn’t believe the meltdowns we have experienced here from time to time.) But, if we can recognise areas that we can work on without the restrictions imposed on us, it might just make us feel that little bit more in control of what we do and less like we are spiraling out of it.

If we can slowly start to reframe our mindset, it will allow for the fog to clear and to make room for new ideas and creative inspiration to come to fruition.

To bring this to a close and to give you some actionable things you can take away from this, we are asking you to write down 5 tasks or goals you want to do or achieve in 2021 that will benefit you and your business – it doesn’t have to be something huge (or it may very well be!) Whatever it is we want to encourage you to work on those points as best as you can to make headway. And, if you’re feeling a little stuck, we might just have the perfect Coaching Workshop for you to indulge yourself in this week.

As always our DMS are open and you can always reply to this email if you wish to offload. Or, please do join us for our next Community Cuppa Club which we hope to run next month again.

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