Social Media

How to work smarter and maximise time on social media

In this online Masterclass, Creative Consultant, Emma-Louise Trotter shows you how to make the most of the precious time you have to achieve as much as possible on social media. Saving time, working smarter, being efficient and effective to help social media work for YOU! Emma will help you to prioritise, focus and stop wasting time.. leaving you with more time to work on those larger tasks that need your attention.

This masterclass is for you if you:-

✨are a business owner or run a social media account for a business

✨Feel overwhelmed with how much there is to do on social media. You’re spending a lot of time on it but there are not enough hours in the day 

✨ you want quick, easy to do tasks that will make a big difference.

In the masterclass, Emma will be showing you:-

✨How to maximise your bio 

✨The importance of scheduling your content

✨How to set up a Linktree link in your bio

✨other ways to maximise social linking

✨The benefits of planning content over posting on the hoof

✨How to create templates for message replies 

✨how to set up out of hours replies

After this masterclass, you’ll have everything you need to;

✨Create a clear, aesthetic brand across your social profiles 

✨Stop faffing with your time on social media 

✨Make social media work hard for you 24/7

✨Have a plan to maximise your content and to give your brand the boost it deserves! 

Influencer Marketing

We are thrilled that our next guest speaker on our webinar series is Laura of @aforteforfashion who is PR & Social Media Manager of leading fashion and homeware brand, La Redoute. Laura has worked with big bloggers & content creators, one of whom, after sharing her La Redoute rug purchase, led to the creation of the now iconic @the_la_redoute_rug getting its very own account after it was a sell out piece! (& even our very own @queenbeady fell hook, line & sinker & has it in pride of place in her home!) In the webinar, Laura will:- – explain why influencer marketing should be part of your overall strategy – share the importance of finding the right influencers for your brand & how to find them – help you to start seeing results!