Mindset & Wellbeing

Creating your own Ripple Effect of Success

Join this FREE webinar in which Ali of Heal Yourself Happy teaches us how to create the ripple effect to SUCCESS!!

Ali, Health & Happiness coach & founder of Heal Yourself Happy works to help people who have been through a traumatic life experience or are facing challenging times to rediscover their self-esteem, confidence and motivation and create a much more enriched and happy life through guiding them on a journey of self-discovery.

A ripple starts with one drop that then creates a small wave and the series of waves around it.

You are the droplet. You can make a difference to everything around you, the people you come into contact with, your family, colleagues, strangers and new friends; that in turn has an impact on your life, your business and also your health and your happiness; your success!

Everything starts with You: your energy and how it radiates to every part of your life.

In this Webinar, Ali will take you through the 7 areas in which you can start to make changes to improve your health, your happiness, your energy, your mood and ultimately, improve your life.

The Joyful Coach 

This product includes a pre-recorded webinar. You cannot interact with it.

We are thrilled to bring you our webinar with the wonderful Joy Coach @sophiecliff 💐⁣

After the amazing feedback we received we didn’t want anyone to miss out on this fantastic session.

In the current climate, it’s understandable if life feels strange and chaotic and at the moment you’re feeling awash with negativity and lacking in motivation and drive! Here at @theenterprisecollective we want to be there for you during the highs and the lows and help wherever we can, which is why we have asked the brilliant Sophie to light up our week and speak on our next webinar to bring a brimful of positivity and clarity your way! ⁣

⁣To feel inspired, motivated and in control purchase this incredible bundle.

In the webinar Sophie will:-⁣

⭐ Talk about how our mindset impacts our actions and outcomes

⭐ Share practical tips and tools to help you build a more resilient mindset, not just for now but going in to the future

⭐ Share tools and exercises to help you spot new opportunities within your business right now!⁣

A webinar with Polly of the Jolly Allotment on
“How to Survive and Thrive”

In the webinar Polly will be sharing her story and the habits that helped her back to health, once again running a successful photography and image consultancy business after suffering an immune and nervous system breakdown that tore her world apart. Polly will share:-

How to thrive in these difficult times.
How what you eat directly affects your physical and mental health.
How to nourish your gut and your mindset.
How to live with and conquer anxiety.
6 tiny habits that will change your life.