We have put our heads together to think of a way we can help you during this strange time, when many of us are felling a little lost and anxious about the direction and future of your business.

We have organised a fantastic line up of expert speakers to join us in a series of weekly webinars to bring you inspiration, knowledge and advice on a range of business and lifestyle topics.

We have also adapted our sold-out workshop “Curate your Brand: The Art of Storytelling” with Bee, which was due to take place in March, into a fantastic E-course, which delves deep into the core of your business, your brand and your values, to identify and attract your target customers through the art of storytelling, rather than hard selling.

This course will be ran at various point of the year and has receive great feedback and praise!

Our Enterprise Collective Academy membership offers great value for money for those that want consistent business learning, support, advice and growth.

E-course in collaboration with Queen Beady

The Enterprise Collective is excited to be offering its inaugural E-course in collaboration with the award-winning blogger and business coach, Queen Beady.

Bee, from the successful blog, is an award-winning blogger who hails from Yorkshire. She started her travel and lifestyle blog and Instagram account @queenbeady in 2011 and has built a large, highly engaged community of followers, which has seen her nominated for awards for her Instagram, photography and blog content. Bee has amassed a huge following of over 40,000 across her social media and blog platforms and has worked with well-known brands such as Harvey Nichols, Jet 2 Holidays and Barbour to name a few.

As a blogger, Bee had to master and excel in a multitude of roles, from admin, accounts, marketing, writing and proofreading, graphic design, photography, styling and more which all sits under the umbrella of being a content creator.

There are few business coaches out there who have had hands on experience of building a brand from scratch. Bee knows first-hand how hard it can be to juggle the day-to-day, whilst making sure that you’re reaching the right people with your business. She shares her extensive knowledge in an easy-to-understand way.


Curate your Brand: The art of visual storytelling & finding your community

We are very excited to be bringing you our inaugural E-Course, run by our very own, award winning blogger and creative content coach, Queen Beady.

delving deep into the core of your business, your brand and your values to identify and attract your target customers through the art of storytelling, rather than hard selling.

Originally designed to be explored during a face-to-face workshop that sadly could not go ahead due to the Covid-19 pandemic, (where our event sold out in less than 72 hours) we have developed and adapted it in to a mini e-course so all businesses can access the content and work their way through it at their own pace.

Visual content is King. The exponential growth of Instagram and Pinterest and their popularity with audiences, businesses (both large and small), and marketers and advertisers, shows that visual marketing is paramount to the social media strategy of any business. In this workshop, we will help you to incorporate that into your business plan in a more creative way, that works for you.

This workshop has been designed not only to give you an insight into the E-course that we will be launching in Summer 2020 but it's also a great opportunity for those who are looking to find their voice and style on social media, to attract the right customer tribe and forge collaborations with other local businesses using the art of visual storytelling.

With one billion monthly active users on Instagram alone, the potential audience to your business is huge. But the purpose of social media is exactly that, to be social. The key is to define your brand with personality and create a great story with a
human touch to accompany it, which draws people in and speaks to your perfect customer. If you’re wanting to get to the heart of what makes your perfect customer tribe engage with your content (and ultimately buy your product or use your service), it all starts with understanding them and having them at the forefront of everything you do.

This workshop is perfect for those who:

  • are feeling a little lost with the direction of their brand or business
  • struggle for content ideas and don’t have a consistent, coherent strategy on social media
  • want to share more than just photographs of their product or service
  • feel like their images or captions (or both) don’t convey the personality or vibe of their business
  • need a boost in business inspiration, motivation and passion
  • want actions to take away and implement into their brand marketing.

​During the mini e-course, you will:

  • explore in-depth ways to identify your perfect customer
  • define your brand, your values and you why;
  • create a mood-board (a collage of images and text) which will represent your brand so that you can accurately communicate your brand visually
  • create a catalogue of stories to tell that will engage your audience, for use on social media content and blogs
  • plan out your next 9 Instagram or Facebook posts
  • learn the importance of hashtags and creating your own hashtag(s)
  • discover the editing steps needed to create stunning images
  • learn which apps can reduce your time online and yet maximise your effectiveness on social media
  • participate in a hands-on, short photography session, discussing hints and tips on photography for social media.