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We had the most gorgeous of days for our May Yorksinstameet – the sun shone down and streamed through the barn which was apt as we welcomed the lovely Kayte Ferris of Simple and Season who had joined us to shine some light on the world of marketing for a small business.

It was so lovely to see lots of familiar faces returning for our third meet-up of the year and it was a pleasure to welcome some new faces too! We all came together again at the ever-gorgeous Priory Barn and Cottages near Wetherby to hear from Kayte Ferris of Simple and Season, a truly inspirational creative business coach, on how to create a marketing strategy for our small creative businesses.

Having previously worked as a marketing manager for a global brand, Kayte now uses her marketing expertise as a creative business coach and mentor. But what sets her apart is her fresh and invigorating approach to marketing, leaving the old ‘should do’s’ and the cringe-inducing sales set-pieces behind and instead focusing on really connecting with your audience as human beings. No wonder then that the over-whelming feeling I get when I’m with Kayte in person or engaging with her through one of her media platforms, is that of connection, a real connection. She believes in stripping back the noise and the ‘should do’s’ and the strategies, just one human connecting with another. Kayte explores this in fascinating detail through her award-winning blog and podcast series, “Grow with Soul”, but she gave us a brilliant insight during her talk, cramming so much into her hour-long session just for us!

Kayte explained to us that there’s little that generates more online noise than marketing but, with refreshing clarity, she acknowledged how easy it is to be bamboozled, particularly as small business owners, with formulas and foolproof tips that are “guaranteed” to get you making six figure and blog posts and podcasts promoting the new ‘most important thing you should do’. This resonated with me completely. As did her observation that these things all feel a bit unnatural and, to be honest, just a bit gross.

I was also rather relieved to hear that it isn’t just me that feels like navigating the should’s and should not’s of marketing is one of the biggest sources of overwhelm when trying to build a creative business.
Apparently it doesn’t need to be this complicated and it doesn’t need to be icky, either – music to my ears! Kayte went on to outline the three key pillars of marketing: The Groundwork – standing for something engenders loyalty and know your audience; Building the Plan – play to your strengths, choose a select few channels and be great on those, don’t try and be average everywhere; and Living the Business – sustainability and maintaining flexibility and dynamism is key.

During her talk, Kayte hoped to simplify the marketing noise and steer our attendees towards building a plan that feels right for them. Speaking personally, I think she totally succeeded – I hope all that heard Kayte’s fantastic talk came away with a new perspective and some real food for thought.

Until next time!
Louise x

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