Advice: Why we love the new Instagram Live Innovation

Why we love the new Instagram Live Innovation

Instagram have launched a new feature where you can go live with up to 4 people at a time. A move that we welcome with open arms here at the Enterprise Collective.

When we posted the news to our community, we were asked “what benefits are there for another social media feature?”

It really got us thinking about how Social Media can play such a huge part in our successes as Small Business Owners.

Whilst we should never rely solely on the functionalities of Social Media. (Please, please, please build your own website and grow your own email list, people!) We can definitely utilise these platforms to their fullest potential. If we allow ourselves to.

Often we wince when a new app is released. Yes, we are looking at you Clubhouse. (Word on the street is that Twitter & Facebook are hot on their heels with a rival idea!)

Perhaps you recoil when a app new function is released. But remember, that they can still serve a purpose to help achieve goals, unlock your potential and grow your audiences and customer bases.

We must not forget that new updates are often tested vigorously by staff. Research groups are put together before going live. So, often the features are much to the benefit of the user after its been in development.

This new feature on Instagram of 4 people going live at the same time opens up the doors to multi-person conversations. It opens up bigger discussions about world issues and more.

It can help in widening your reach to other audiences that you might not have been able to put yourself in front of.

It creates the feeling of community and the ability to not feel too alone. Especially in an age where we are currently confined to the four walls that surround us in a global pandemic. We crave connection.

Panel discussions can now take place on this platform rather than jumping on Zoom (the joys of not having to ask everyone to turn off their mics!)

The possibilities are endless with each feature that keeps popping & cropping up.

Instagram Lives have seen a 70% increase in usage as more and more people take their lives and businesses online. It’s just simply moving with the times.

Of course there are some stipulations that come with privacy, so for safety reasons, any account that has been blocked by any of the Live Room participants will not have access to join the livestream. Or those who have breached guidelines will not be allowed to use this feature either.

You might shirk the idea of turning up live for your customers, but it can really help widen your reach and provide you with content to re-use.

We love that social media is always innovating. And in turn, innovates our own Small Businesses along the way too.

Have you tried the new 4 person live option yet?

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