Advice: 5 Things to know when working with Influencers

5 Things to know when working with Influencers

For those of you who joined our Q&A Panel with a group of Bloggers & Influencers last week, you will have gained some really interesting insights in to the world of Influencer Marketing and we really hope it’s given you some food for thought. For those who missed it, we wanted to give you a little round, so here is of 5 Things to know when working with Influencers!

Introductions are everything
Ever get an email where its not personalised and you just know this is hitting hundreds of other inboxes – cue the eye roll, right? Bloggers know that sometimes emails hit many inboxes, so make sure you’re upfront in your email that it is a round robin email and you’d love to hear back from those who are interested, if it sounds like the campaign fits the bill for them.

Similarly, if you are reaching out on an individual basis when your scoping out potential collaborations with Bloggers, a quick bit of research to find their correct name and spelling of it will go along way in your introductions!

Be honest & transparent with what you require from them
This was highlighted a number of times in our Q&A panel – it’s always best to make sure you lay your cards out on the table and explain what position you’re in right from the get-go. From budget to deliverables and everything in between, your relationship will only go south if the goal posts continuously keep changing, so make sure you’re clear on your brief before you set off.

What to expect: Paid vs. PR Product
It was highlighted that a paid campaign needs to come with a brief and clear deliverables so that Bloggers know and understand exactly what you need from them. There is nothing worse than neither of you not understanding what is required. Of course, it’s best to let them be creative, so try not to hem in their personality with super strict rules. Start with sending across a Mood Board so there’s nothing left to too much interpretation. But do remember you contacted those bloggers because you loved their style, so trust them with the process too!

If you are sending PR products it’s always worth noting that usually this comes with a prerequisite that they are not obligated to post about it, and usually without payment, you can’t be requesting war and peace in return for it. Scoping our the right blogger is more likely to garner an organic share so making sure you do top notch blogger outreach is the key thing here.

Diversity is a big priority
The discussion about inclusivity is more prominent than ever before and it’s a conversation we need to keep having and not just because of a tiny black square. Influencers are become more savvy as allies and are requesting to see other Bloggers & Influencers you are collaborating to make sure that Brands are being diverse with who they work with. Jess mentioned that as a Black Woman she will scroll through social media feeds and past campaigns to make sure that there are a range of ethnicities and minority groups who are featured – . Shona kindly shared her views from a Disability perspective and noted that you need to be making content that is accessible for all as this is extremely important – for example, creating Alt Tags on images for those who are visually impaired. We need to keep doing the work!

Longevity will lead to success
It’s worth considering working with Bloggers on a long term basis to garner more successful results. The “rule of seven” means a consumer has to see something at least 7 times before they will buy from you. Consider a Brand Ambassador programme where you send out monthly treats to the Bloggers to keep sharing across their channels – the more they talk about it, the more chances that people will see your product and get interested.

Have you through about working with Influencers & Bloggers since our Panel Discussion?

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