Advice: 5 Productivity Hacks for Small Business Owners that work!

Advice: 5 Productivity Hacks for Small Business Owners that work!

This week we want to bring you some easy productivity hacks that work and that Bee shared over on our IGTV live last week. 

Take your cuppa outside and sit in the sun for 5 minutes
Go and get that Vitamin D our body and mind is lacking in during the winter months. Wrap up warm if it’s a cooler day, but sit facing the sun. Grab a brew and feel the warmth. We did this a few days last week the sun was shining and we can’t tell you how much better we felt for it. Make yourself accountable by setting those 5 minutes to one side for yourself.

Set timers and batch work
We find setting a timer on our phones and putting them to one side allows us to get our heads down and really concentrate on the task in hand (we might just be doing this one right now as we type!) The external pressures of checking our phones for updates can be very tempting. But imagine how proud you’ll be for getting everything done. Don’t be too hard on yourself, try it for half an hour at a time so it doesn’t feel like too much of a chore. This is great for feeling like you’re in control of your business again!

Use essential oils
As an essential oil convert back in lockdown 1.0 to help with insomnia and sleep issues. We soon realised that it was also great for other means too and productivity is one of them! Scents such as lemon, pine and peppermint can all helps with energy levels and the ability to focus better. We use Yorkshire based business, S.W Botanicals beautiful diffusers & oils.

Mood board it out
Have a goal you want to achieve, an idea of success? Then why not create mood board with images, typography, quotes and illustrations. It will keep you motivated to achieve them. We have created them here and we can’t tell you how much it helps you focus!

Don’t forget joy
We bet a lot of you started your own business to have more freedom, to enjoy life and not be tied down by the 9-5. You wanted a more joyful life? So, please don’t ever forget to add a little bit sparkle to each day. A book by Anna Barnes called “How to be Happy” is a really lovely book. It helps you see the woods from the trees in short form content. So it means if you’re having a bad day, a quick read through this will help you feel like you’re more in control again.

Let us know if you try any of these tips and don’t forget to tag us on Facebook & Instagram so we can re-share!

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