Advice: 5 Tips for being Successful on Instagram

1. BE PRESENT AND CONSISTENT – The key to a successful Instagram strategy is to show up and be consistent so your followers know when you will be there. If you are flitting back and forth on it and leaving huge breaks between posting, you risk your loyal followers losing interest and its likely your engagement will suffer as a result. Make sure you are posting regularly and are interacting with other accounts. Respond to any comments you get on your images within the first 10 minutes of posting- not just out of courtesy that someone has taken the time to stop scrolling to reach out and leave you a comment, but because any comments and interactions, but that time-frame is key to your post being a hit or a flop within the algorithm.
2. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A BUSINESS ACCOUNT & START USING YOUR INSIGHTS – Make sure you are set up with a business account, by following these steps. With a business account you get to access vital insights on your posts, such as what times your audience is online (to know the optimum time to post). There is a Content tab that shows you how your stories, posts and promotions are performing. The Activity tab tracks your weekly Interactions, Reach, and Impressions. The Audience tab gives important insights on your audience, including follower growth overtime. You can also click on “view insights” under each post to discover the post reach, engagement and number of profile visits and website clicks.

It’s a brilliant way to make sure you are present at the right time and give your business the perfect chance to be seen by more people.

3. HAVE A HASHTAG STRATEGY – Hashtags are a great way to index your posts! Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags on a post, however, there’s a lot of contradicting advice on this one. Here’s our argument forusing the maximum 30 hashtags- did you know that a post with just one hashtag on it gets seen 12.9% times more than a post without one. Imagine using all 30 of them? Take some time to check out hashtags that have less that 100K images linked to them as you are far likelier to be seen using them. Use the “view insights” option under your images to see how they are performing! 

4. UTILISE THE STORIES FEATURE – With Instagram constantly updating it’s “support small” functions via Stories, it’s a great opportunity for you to spread the word about your business. As a small business, our advantage is that people buy from people and customers want to see the people or persons behind the business. So show them the behind the scenes. It doesn’t need to be time consuming to take a quick photo or video of yourself working on your current project. Your audience would love to see what you’re doing and what it’s like running your business. They’ll be more invested in you and your business if you do. Stories also gives you a place to put all those unfiltered moments that perhaps didn’t make the cut for your main feed image. Remember, your Stories feed and your Main Grid feed are shown to different people, so take a look at those who interact with your grid posts and those who watch your stories. This should help you figure out the style of content you want to be creating for those respective audiences!
5. USE INSTAGRAM AS A FEEDBACK TOOL TO INCREASE ENGAGEMENT AND GAIN INSIGHTS INTO WHAT YOUR FOLLOWERS WANT – Use polls & questions in your stories as research! It’s a great way for you to get feedback and develop your next product or service. Also, start asking questions on your grid posts – it’s another super way to create a dialogue between you and your customers, plus it pushes up your engagement and up the algorithm!
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