Advice: 5 Reasons why you should embrace Facebook Ads for Business


Facebook is the Social Media platform a lot of us love to hate. But let’s face it, it’s not going anywhere just yet and we might as well reap the rewards it can bring with Facebook Ads.

  1. Two billion people use Facebook every month! That is a huge huge audience to tap into. 80% of all internet users use Facebook. Therefore the likelihood is, your perfect customers are on the platform and they are on there daily, if not multiple times a day!
  2. Facebook Ad costs are low. Prior to the pandemic, Facebook advertising was already one of the cheapest forms of advertising.  prior to the pandemic and since the pandemic, Facebook have reduced their ad prices. That means you can spend less and see bigger results for your money, so now really is the best time to start looking at Facebook Marketing. 
  3. It is the most targeted form of advertising there is! Facebook (scarily) knows ALOT of information about every one of its account holders. There is no other way to target your ads to reach your exact audience, right down to the smallest detail, even down to the types of magazines your perfect customers read or the types of holidays they like to go on. Facebook allows you to target your ads to reach specific people based on their behaviour on your website, their known likes, engagement with your Facebook page, and other various elements of their demographic such as age, gender, interests and location.
  4. You know that Facebook owns Instagram too right? Even if Facebook isn’t your preferred social media platform, if you create an Ad on Facebook, the Ad can also feed through to Instagram and Messenger too! How fabulous that you can create a single Ad campaign that runs on multiple platforms and websites!
  5. Facebook Advertising is fast and it’s measurable. If you need a sales push, getting your brand out to a vast number of people is literally at your fingertips. A few clicks and voila, you’ve created your Ad and you can drive immediate results. Plus you get to track how well your Ad is doing. You can see how many impressions its made, how many clicks and how many conversions you’ve received. And at the end you’ll receive a report detailing how your Ad performed.

And if you are interested in learning more about how you can boost your business with Facebook Ads, this Masterclass might just interest you….

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