Advice: 3 Steps to feeling less overwhelmed whilst running a Business during a Pandemic

How are you?

No really, how are you? Remember when Meghan Markle said when she was asked that for the first time in an interview, shortly after the birth of Archie, she just felt a sheer sense of relief someone had checked in on her and, we hope it has the same effect on you too.

The start of 2021 hasn’t quite started the way we may have wanted and whilst it was no surprise it still doesn’t mean we are all hurting in different ways. What with juggling home schooling, running a business and generally trying to keep our sanity in check, it genuinely feels like there’s constantly a murky cloud hanging over us.

We would really love to be able to say life is rosy and everything is sweet, but sometimes, it’s the toxic positivity that can make us feel even worse. So just know, we feel you, we are here for you and so is the community as a whole – so please don’t ever feel alone.

  1. Start Journalling
    Feel like your head is about to explode with all these thoughts and feelings? Each day, give yourself 10 minutes to sit down in a (if you can) quiet area of your home or office, grab a pen and brand new notebook. Give yourself absolute permission to write every single emotion, opinion, thought or feeling that you’ve had in the last 24 hours and get it down on paper. Release the energy you’ve been giving it, be it positive or negative it will help you free up the space in your mind to concentrate on the things you can and want to control. It will be therapeutic.
  2. Start a Gratitude List
    This can be done first thing in the morning, or last thing at night. But starting a gratitude list has been one of the most rewarding things The Enterprise Collective team have done this year. It is really about thinking about the small things in life to allow joy to enter your life without chasing the big feels such as promotions, big life events etc, but to appreciate those extra 10 minutes in bed you might have gotten or, the cute drawing your child made for you during home schooling. Try think of 3 things each day that have put a smile on your face and made you feel happy.
  3. Practice Positive Affirmations
    You know the phrase “to see it, is to believe it” but change it to, “to say it, is to believe it.” Practice Positive Affirmation Mantras each day. Things such as “I am a fantastic parent who is doing their absolute best in amidst a pandemic” or “I welcome abundance in my life as a savvy business owner.” Always start the sentence with “I” – practice these each and every day to suit where you are headed in life.

We hope these short and simple tips help you over the coming months… 

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