Advice: 3 Reasons why you need to start using Canva for your Small Business

3 Reasons why you need to start using Canva for your Small Business

This week started a little bit differently to normal as our Masterclass moved to a Monday slot this week.

Our Canva Masterclass with April of Yellow Sunday Digital is now live to re-watch back which we hope you will all find useful. It’s definitely worth a watch as we learnt lots of new tools!

Here are 3 reasons why you need to start using Canva for your Small Business…

It’s a free tool
Who doesn’t like free things? With everything though, free can sometimes ultimately turn in to a cost if it’s rubbish. But, this isn’t the case with Canva. This design website is free to use (unless you upgrade to premium) and it’s a magnificent design tool for anyone wanting to create their own marketing collateral from scratch. With the amazing capabilities of the free version it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to upgrade either!

You don’t have to be a Designer to use it
Yep, you read that right – Canva is no way near as difficult as the Adobe programmes that we’ve tried to use. We’ve often sat staring at a blank screen on Adobe, wondering “what the heck do we do?” However, this just isn’t the case with Canva. You don’t have to have any artistic capabilities if that’s not your forte. There are free templates to use which takes away a lot of the hard work. Even for those who want to be a little bit more creative, it’s really easy to get the hang of!

Something is better than Nothing!
If you’re not creating engaging social media call-outs, well to be completely honest, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to grow your business organically! Starting small is better than not starting at all, so why not try get to grips with it now before it’s too late?

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