Advice: 3 FREE Apps that will help you boss Instagram


1) DESIGN APPS – Canva

We LOVE Canva! The three of us here at The Enterprise Collective use Canva for all sorts of things! There is a brilliant free version available for anyone to use by setting up an account and also an upgraded, paid version called Canva Pro, which is £10.99 a month. 

There are ready-made, professional templates for you to edit so that you can create your own such as:-
E-books, Business cards, Logo, Checklists, Newsletters, Social media posts, Memes , Gift certificates, Leaflets, Menus, Brochures, Etsy shop Icons, Plus much, much more! 

Not only that, you can use Canva on your desktop or download the app to your phone or tablet if you need something on the go!

Once you get your head around it, it’s really easy to use. We suggest creating your core templates on a computer or laptop as the phone or tablet isn’t as easy to use and doesn’t have as many capabilities, but the phone app is brilliant to create images on the go!

There are hundreds of fonts, templates and stickers to choose from (not all fonts or templates are free though – make sure to choose only the templates labelled “free” and the fonts without a crown next to them if you’re not wishing to pay for the design) and you can create some beautiful, consistent imagery. You don’t just have to use Canva’s ready made templates, you can custom design your own image with your own dimensions to design something from scratch.

We all love using Canva. It keeps our feed looking fresh and coherent. We’ve created a colour palette from our logo and use a faint grey border to tie everything in. We also use 3 different fonts when creating assets, which we can easily interchange.

If you have photos that don’t always tie in together, having a border with your brand colours can really pull your feed together to look more professional!
 And the designs you’ve created aren’t just for use digitally. You can send your saved designs to a printing company or print them off at home.

If you’d like to learn more about Canva we have a great Masterclass coming up that we would love YOU to join us.

2) PHOTO EDITING APPS – A Colour Story / Lightroom / VSCO

Any of these three apps will help you to edit your photos and add preset filters to take them to the next level. All of the apps can be used free of charge, but some require small payments from as little as 99p if you want access to special features or “presets” within the apps.

Watching YouTube tutorials will help you get to grips with using the apps. If you want to create your very own preset, you can create images that are “brown” or “light and airy”  or are “bold and bright” – it’s all about how you play around with their editing tools like Contrast and Saturation to make your photos pop, or play around with the Exposure, the Curves and more to create your own defined style.

You will be able to do this via any of the apps listed.

3) SCHEDULING APPS – Later / Hopper HQ / Planoly

How many times have you wanted to post on Instagram, but either a lack of time or lack of content ideas has stopped you? If it’s more than once then scheduling your posts in advance will definitely be of benefit to you. Most of the stresses of Instagram will be taken away if you use a scheduling app. It will save you time, boost your productivity and keep you connected to your followers.

It is a much better use of your time, to spend a few hours on a Sunday evening planning out content for the forthcoming week/fortnight/month than it is to spend 45 minutes every single day scrolling through your camera roll and thinking of something interesting and engaging to say off the hoof. Scheduling also enables you to curate a gorgeous Instagram feed by dragging and dropping your images into your grid in the order you want, before going live. It is a great way to see how they flow on the grid feed before you post them. After all, a follower-to-be will skim over your last 9 (or 12 if a phone has a bigger interface) photos and make a snap decision as to whether they want to follow you based on those images. Pretty powerful right? So make sure your virtual front door is looking it’s best by planning ahead.

Do you use any of these apps already? What works well for you? Why not check out our other posts on Instagram.

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